13th Birthday Wishes

13th Birthday Wishes

Happy 13th Birthday and welcome to the teenage years!

Congratulations. You are officially a teenager now.

Wishing you an unforgettable 13th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a super teenager!

You’re not a little boy anymore, you are a handsome young man.

You’re not a little girl anymore, you are a beautiful young woman.

Wishing you a very enjoyable and remarkable 13th Birthday!

Little boy no more! You are a big man now.

Little girl no more! You are a big lady now.

Happy Birthday to the greatest teenager in all over the world!

May all your dreams come true. Have a wonderful 13th Birthday.

Have a great time with lots of fun and joy! Happy 13th Birthday!

Welcome to the ages of teenagers. Happy 13th Birthday!

Hope for a great day, because you are turning 13 today and you are becoming the best in every single way. Happy Birthday!

Only the best are waiting for you, since you have made a teen breakthrough.

You are not a kid anymore, you’re a teen now. Wishing you a very special 13th Birthday!

12 plus 1=13! That means you are no longer a kid. You are a young little man. Happy 13th Birthday!

Have you ever heard about the lucky 13? No? 13 is the luckiest number, especially when it represents your age.

Enjoy being a teenager, because it won’t last for a long time. Happy Birthday!

The best years of your life are about to come. Happy 13th Birthday!

Welcome to a brand new chapter of your life. Teenage years are the most remarkable of them all. Happy 13th Bday!

Jump, laugh, shout and let it all out. You’re a teenager now!

If I were to offer you a Birthday cake, it might be as large as a trampoline and as long as the dining table of a queen. I would have so much to pen down which would by no means fit in that. I love you dear daughter. Wish you a very Happy 13th Birthday!

On your 13th birthday we wish to let you feel that regardless of your age, you would be our bundle of bliss forever, undulating in your pyjamas and thieving candies from the jar. Wish you never become an adult for us! Wishing you a Happy 13th Birthday daughter!

Welcome to the world of teenagers! You are going to celebrate your 13th birthday. No you are not any ordinary person; you are a special boy! A teenager! May God give you the wisdom to judge the difference between right and wrong! Happy 13th Birthday!

Wishing you a wonderful 13th birthday! May you get what you want in your life! May you get happiness & love from all! Happy Birthday!

You are no more a little boy; you have grown up! You are a teenager now! Wishing you happy 13th Birthday!

May your 13th birthday be a special & memorable one! Happy Birthday!

Your 13th birthday is as special as you are! May your elders pour love and blessings to you and your friends hug you and give you lots of love. Enjoy! Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the teens! Happy Birthday to 13 year old girl! Happy Birthday Dear!

You are no longer a little girl; you are a grown up woman! Welcome to the age of teenagers! Wish you Happy 13th Birthday Dear!

Now you turn to be officially a teenager. Congratulations! Happy 13th Birthday!

Wish what you wish in your life and you will get it because I have sent this message to God! Happy 13th Birthday Darling!

May you never forget your 13th Birthday! Wishing a very Happy Birthday to a super teenager!

Wish you an extremely pleasant and wonderful 13th Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday to the greatest teenager across the globe! May God fulfill all your wishes!

May your life be full of fun and enjoyment! May you prove to be a good citizen! Happy 13th Birthday!

Welcome to the group of teenagers. Have lots of fun and enjoyment. Happy 13th Birthday!

Wish you a great celebration of 13th birthday! Wish you a special day, since you are turning 13 today and you’re turning the greatest in each single way. Happy 13th Birthday!

Welcome to a brand new chapter of your life. Teenage years are the most remarkable of them all. Happy 13th Bday!

Jump, laugh, shout and let it all out. You’re a teenager now!

Get your teen on! Happy 13th Birthday!

Birthday wishes for a party so cool it will make the Arctic jealous! Happy 12th Birthday!

Have no fear…a 12-year-old is here. Everything’s under control! You may resume partying! Happy Birthday!

You deserve the biggest, best party ever. You only turn 13 once! Happy Birthday!

May your teen years be great years that comes with day after day of fun! Happy Birthday, 13-year-old!

Birthday wishes for an amazing young person! May you have the happiest birthday ever!

Time to let it go. Childhood behind you…teenage years, here you come! Celebrate big! Happy Birthday, 13-year-old!
Get your teen face on…and face the music! You’re 13 and a teenager today! Happy 13th birthday!

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